Antharaya – Bringing concerns of Clubs & Societies to the attention of the administration

Antharaya is a discussion forum organized by the Sinhala Oratory and Debating Society to bring the concerns and issues regarding all Clubs & Societies to the attention of College administration, Academic staff, Prefects’ Council and the Clubs & Societies body in general.

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This years topic was “The current state of Clubs & Societies and how the Clubs’ Grading System effects their status.” This topic was brought up in relation to the Clubs & Societies Felicitation Ceremony and how its inception has changed the face of the Clubs & Societies arena.

Questions such as,

Does the criteria promote unnecessary competition among societies?

Is the criteria biased towards clubs that have the ability to take part in competitions and showcase their achievements with trophies and medals?

Issues faced by clubs and societies were put forward to the school administration in search of solutions for the many issues faced by them.

The conclusion at the end of the forum stated that a general misconception of the intent of the Clubs’ Grading Criteria is what brought upon these questions, and that by proper implementation and understanding of this system, the overall betterment of Royal College was the reward that was to be gained.