An Unparalleld Legacy – A Tribute to Late Mr. Bogoda Premarathne, Past Principal of Royal College.


Mr. Bogoda Premarathne was born on the 15th of March 1921. His Elementary School education was in a rural setting while his secondary Education was at Ananda College. While receiving his secondary education, Mr. Premarathne developed an interest towards the career path of an educationalist. He entered the Teacher Training School and received training to become a teacher. He obtained his B.A. (London) and M.A. Ed. (Teachers College, Columbia University. New York, NY). This gentleman was the First Ceylonese to receive the UNESCO award of Teachers Education Fellowship (U.S.A).


Mr. Premarathne was awarded with his first appointment in the late 1940s at Kegalle Central College. This school was set up as a model National School by the Government to serve as a template for other free educational institutes which were being set up in the newly independent island nation. As a teacher trainer, during the Second World War, and in the years following the war, Mr. Bogoda Premarathne was involved with the development of the primary and secondary school curriculums.


Thus this esteemed individual was appointed as the Principal of Royal College; an appointment bearing great responsibility and prestige, in the year 1959. He served in this position until 1966. During his tenure, the Royal College swimming pool was established for the then and future generations of Royalists. The revised version of the College Song in Sinhala was also published in the year of 1968 under the guidance of Mr. Premarathne. A new school house, Reed was also inaugurated in the year 1970. Principal Premarathne was the first Buddhist and the first non – Old Royalist Sri Lankan to be appointed as the Principal of Royal College. He protected the cherished traditions of College. By the end of Mr. Premarathne’s tenure, Royal College had further secured her position as the leading boy’s school in Sri Lanka.


Mr. Premarathne was conferred the “Deshabandu”, a national honour by the President J R Jayawardena. Throughout his career he worked to broaden his understanding and practice in Buddhism as well.


Mr. Premarathne’s name was already inked in the annals of History as he passed away on the 26th of December 2013. He had reached the ripe old age of 92 as he departed from this world. The final respect was brought upon the body of Late Mr. Premarathne at the Royal College Main Hall; A Hall where only the greatest men in the world receive the honor to rest after their expiration. As hundreds of Royalists, present and old bowed and paid their respects to Late Mr. Premarathne, he was taken to the Kirulapone Cemetry for the Burial Services. This great individual was buried in the Kirulapone Cemetery at 4.30pm on the 28th of December 2013. The wind, the leaves, the rays of the sun seemed to be still as he departed from us.