Christmas is in the air! – The Royal College Carol Service 2013

The Royal College Carol Service returned to the newly refurbished Main Hall after a lapse of 4 years with much festivity on the 8th of December 2013 under the distinguished patronage of his eminence, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjit. The service organized by the Student Christian Movement and the Catholic Student’s Union began at 6 pm with the presence of the principal of Royal College, deputy principals, senior games masters, the teachers in charge as well as old boys, parents and students of Royal College.

The Main hall entrance as well as the Main hall was richly decorated with Christmas decorations providing a festive feeling to the service, which is one of the oldest recurring events in the school calendar.

The ringing of the bell in the College Quadrangle marked the beginning of the service. The Primary Choir opened the service with a medley of carols sung in all 3 languages which was followed by the senior choir representing the Western Music Society of Royal College. The service by the senior choir began with the processional hymn which was followed by the singing of carols on stage. The audience rose to join the senior choir in the singing of carols and the air resonated with hymns and carols which created a wonderful atmosphere of Christmas in the College Main Hall.

The fact that the carols were sung by everyone, regardless of race or religion, went on to display the unity and cultural integration which makes Royal College, so special. The service ended and the audience departed with a sense of satisfaction. The boys rejoiced and sang the school song, to mark the end of a successful carol service.