Our lusty throats now raise a cheer! – Tribute to the Prefects’ Council of Royal College 12/13.

The Prefects’ Council of Royal College 12/13 took responsibility on to their shoulders in the month of December 2012. Working as one daunting batch, this Council worked tirelessly towards the betterment of Royal College and to keep the College Flag Flying high since the day of their induction.

The Prefects’ Council of Royal College 12/13 doesn’t fail to make history in one’s mind to be one of the greatest Senior Prefect Councils’ of Royal College. This council was made out of a perfect mixture of prefects who had excelled in Academics, Extra and Co Curricular activities at Royal College. They were unique, as they had the greatest sportsmen, designers, technologists and individuals with extraordinary management skills. All these individuals had their tasks together and one goal at hand; to uplift the standards and the disciplinary level of Royal College and to help all the students learn the best of their Alma Mater.

Time passed by and the sun rose lighting up the day of the Annual General Meeting, the day before the mighty big match of the blues. The head prefect was announced to be Shan Lakshitha. Thereafter, the top board of the Prefects’ Council was announced and the Prefects were pinned the Senior Prefects’ Badge by the Principal of Royal College – one of the greatest occasions and memories a student of Royal College can ever be presented with. The council shot off for a very lucky and a mighty start of the year with the third day ending at the Royal Thomian Big match, with Royal victorious.

The Prefects’ Council of Royal College 12/13 worked hard on every avenue of College, under Discipline, Academics, Sports, Clubs, Technology and Quality. Their participation at events, encouragement and level of leadership management helped College drive through the boundaries of excellence towards a new era.

Day by Day passed with the supervision of the Prefects’ Council of Royal College 12/13 and standards at Royal College were uplifted in every avenue each day. The Council organized a massive finance project at the end of their year; the Royalists on Stage. The year ended victorious, just the way it started, by rewarding the student organizations at the Clubs and Societies Felicitation Ceremony.

On the 7th of December 2013, the air mixed up with the gong of the Royal Bell at the much precious Quadrangle, thrice into the air, with the moon glowing in the sky for the sun to shine to a new day on the 8th. The Prefects’ Council of Royal College departed College on the 7th of December 2013 handing College over to the incoming batch of Senior Prefects at Royal College – the Prefects’ Council of 13/14 to walk the path that leads to man’s estate as they have repaid the debt they owed and kept thy fame inviolate.