Assistant Principal – Registrar, Sectional Head Grades 10 & 11, Master in Charge of Prefects & Stewards – Retired in 2013

Mr. H.D.R. Hemachandra

Mr. Hemachandra was born in Kaduwela and received his primary and secondary education from Bomiriya Central College. He carries a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Sri Jayawardhanapura offering English, Sinhala and Economics and also a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Kelaniya. He is a fully fledged English teacher with an English Special Teachers’ Training Certificate from Maharagama Training College and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (TESEL) from the University of Colombo.

At Royal, he is a teacher to be reckoned with, teaching English and literature to students ranging from grades 6 to 11 and also General English to Advanced Level Classes.

His value to the school is uncountable not only as a teacher but as an individual readily involved in the daily life of the students. He was the Master in Charge of the Under 17 Cricket ‘C’ team in 1987 and 1988. His services to the Under 15 Football team from 1990 – 2006 are remarkable. He is also remembered as the teacher who initiated the Scrabble Club of Royal College in 1991 and continued to be the Master in Charge of it until 2011. He became the Master in Charge of the Rowing Team in 2007 and continued to hold this post until 2011. He was appointed Master in Charge of Senior Prefects and Stewards in 2011. He also functioned as the President of the Teachers’ Guild from 2008 to 2010.

His servitude to the school was appreciated in 2009 when he was appointed as the Sectional Head of the Upper Middle Section. In 2012, he was promoted to  being an Assistant Principal and  then as the College Registrar as of December 2012. He did a great service to Royal College and retired from this great institution in the year 2013. His name will be written down in the alley of History at Royal College.