Summary of Events of the Computer Society

Edex Data Entry
10th – 15th January 2013
This year 50 members of the club participated on this project. Within a week they achieved the target which was a huge achievement when comparing with last year. The Computerizing was done at Lab 175 during interval and afterschool and almost 15000 forms were computerized.

Big Match android app
The Club built an Android Application which provided live score updates from the 134th Battle of the Blues. Which was facilitated the entire Royalist’s and the Thomian’s who owns an Android Smartphone to easily check the status of the match. This was very useful for everyone who’s be unable to attend the match and even in the grounds.

C++ Programming Classes
C++ programming classes were conducted by Mr. Hashan Gayasri & Mr. Chamod Weerasinghe during Tuesdays & Thursdays at 2pm onwards. The project was started on 1st term and it was concluded in the end of the 2nd Term. More 20 students participated on these classes.

Light Of Asia E Vesak Cards
Royal College Computer Society Presented a E Vesak Card Stall at International Buddhist Film festival organized by light of Asia foundation. In this stall 12 E Vesak cards were presented. Over 80 visitors were keen to send one of these E Vesak cards to their beloved ones over the Internet. These E cards were sent using software which was made by RCCS as well.

Transcend(Hostellers’ Project)
2nd Term
This project was organized by the Roy al College Computer Society, English Literary Association of Royal College and the United Students Circle of Royal College and the to give this great “IF” a chance. The project was mainly focused on Enhancing student’s English speaking skills, his ICT knowledge and to develop his leadership qualities along with boosting his confidence. As a student body The RCCS believe that this are some of the few of the main factors the club should focus on in a project like this.However instead of taking the traditional route of going through countless hours of theory and grammar etc. The Club attempted to teach them these subjects in a practical and interactive way, with emphasis on daily usage rather than theoretical knowledge which they can gain from the school curriculum.

Club Management System
ClubMate is an online club/society management system for schools.‘ Correct information at the correct time plays a major role in taking decisions’. ClubMate, the online- school- club manager has been designed to fulfill the above facility.

Monthly program
2nd Term
This project contains 2 sub projects,

Secret code breaking competition
Each month the club publish a secret encrypted code. Students have to break the code and find the message within it and submit it to us. Our aim is to enhance the IT skills & thinking capacity of young royalists.

• Monthly Video
Every month the club displayed a video of a new technology on Digital Notice Boards and The aim is to make the students aware about what is going on the world.

E archives
With the e-Archive project the RCCS is to digitize 178 years’ worth of historical documents at Royal with the aim of making it much easier for students and others who are interested in learning the college history to refer to documents preserved within the Royal Archives Department, to help Clubs and Societies in school to access historical documents concerning their club/society etc. The first phase of the project is planned to be opened in the month of July.

Robotics lessons
The Royal College Computer Society organized a Robotics Workshop in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa which was held on 9th July. This was a great opportunity for students of Royal interested in the field of Robotics and Robotic Engineering to expand their knowledge on the subject. The workshop was conducted by experts in the field from the University of Moratuwa, the country’s leading university in the engineering.This project was held on 9th july 2013. More than 20 members of our club participated on this orkshop.

ICT Seminars
ICT seminars for OL students were held on 22nd October 2013. The seminars will be conducted by the officials of Western province education department. This seminar is open for other schools as well.

Royal College Android App
Through the app Royalists past and present will have the privilege to access a wide variety of features such as staying up to date on college events with news feeds, tune in to important college games with live streaming and staying in touch with the latest scores, download digital versions of ‘the Royalist’ and many other school publications, relieve the greatest moments of college life by browsing through a treasure trove of videos, photos and other related media, visit the upcoming Royal eArchives and join in live discussions. These are just a few of the scores of features that the RCCS hopes to present with the app.

Saga Website
Royal College Computer Society and Mr. Ranil Mohothadura made the website for SAGA VIII.17 Applications for other clubs

Mid Year Expo Data Entry
Royal College Computer Society computerized the Edex Mid Year Expo entry forms within 3 days which included more 1500 forms by 18 members.

Royalist on the stage web apps
Royal College Computer Society made the website for the Royalist On Stage Special Edition


* Quiz system for Commerce
Royal College Computer Society made the quiz app for eMulate 2013 organized by Royal College Commerce Society which helped them to take their quiz to the next level.

* Blue and Gold Quiz Video