Summary of Events of the Photographic Society 2013

Edex Stall
18th and 19th of January 2014
The Club had made arrangements to take photographs of the people who came to see this exhibition. The Club gave the visitors the privilege of taking any photograph of them in any stall and print it as a key tag.

Light of Asia Photographic Exhibition
27th, 28th and 29th of May
The Light of Asian Wesak celebration was a mass scale zone which included many areas of entertainment and exhibitions relating Buddhism. This was done in collaboration with the Musaeus College. Both schools Photographic Societies held an intra-school photo competition and selected photos were exhibited in the photography area

All Island Western and Eastern Band Group Pictures and Video
4th of May
The All Island Western and Eastern Band competition was a massive scale competition which was organized by The Old Royalist’s Cadet Band Association (ORCBA) for the 1st time in Sri Lanka. It included performances of eastern and western bands from over 70 schools all around the island. It was a privilege to make arrangements to take group photographs of these invited schools and give them printed copies as required.

Field Trip Series
19th august 2013
The Club was able to make arrangements to have a series of field trips to several key photography locations. This trip also includes lectures and instructions for the participated members. The 1st trip was made to the Viharamadevi Park and to the Gangarama temple.

S.R.B Photos Of the Grade 12 Students
13th, 14th and 15th of October 2013
The Royal College Photographic Society willing to conduct a project of taking photographs of the newly admitted grade 12 students for their S.R.Bs. By holding this project the club is hoping to encourage the students to maintain their record books in standards and it would help the students, prefects and teachers as well.