The Big Fight – Annual Royal – Trinity Boxing Encounter

100 years of boxing since the year 1913 has formed a historic rivalry between the boxing teams of Royal College and Trinity College. Celebrating this rivalry, The Annual Royal – Trinity Boxing Encounter for the Donald Obeysekara Shield was held on the 18th of January and Trinity College emerged victors by winning 7 bouts to the 6 bouts won by Royal College, despite a tough fight to the last man from the Royalists.

The opening bout was in the 33-35 kg fly weight category and Royal College was represented by young R.A Althaf who won the opening bout for Royal College by comprehensively defeating his Trinitian Opponent 3-0. The Trinitians quickly replied by winning two bouts to lead the encounter. However vice Captain K.Sindujan stepped up and dispatched his opponent 2-1 to level the encounter for Royal College. Next up was L.S.C Panditharathna for Royal College in the under-52 kg Fly Weight Category and a victory was earned for College via a direct knockout.

The Encounter was tied at 4 bouts to 4 when D.M Palpola entered the ring to spar for Royal College. The fight barely lasted 30 seconds with Palpola dispatching his opponent and expertly knocking him out and regaining the lead for Royal College. By now the encounter was heading towards its closing stages with Royal College leading Trinity College 5-4. Trinity College went on to win 2 bouts to Royal College’s 1 bout to level the encounter and thus heading the encounter towards a nail biting final bout. Up stepped P.K.D Perera who valiantly held his Trinitian Opponent at bay but unfortunately lost the final bout.

Thus Trinity College went on to win the Donald Obeysekara Shield after winning the encounter 7-6.The shield will find a temporary abode in Kandy as the boys in Blue and Gold will step into the ring later on in the year to bring back the Donald Obeysekara Shield back to Reid Avenue of January at the Trinity College Main Hall.