Felicitation Ceremony for the retired Senior Tamil Staff!

The members of the academic staff of the Tamil Medium sections of the Middle and Upper school levels, together with the Prefects’ Council 13/14, organized a day of felicitation for the retired senior Tamil staff members.

This event was organized mainly with the aim of felicitating the former Deputy Principal of the Tamil Section, Mr. M. Kanapathipillai.

In addition to the felicitation of Mr. M. Kanapathipillai, the following senior retired teachers were also felicitated and also played a key role in making this event a success.

Mrs. L .Thavakumar
Mrs. R. Premnath
Mrs. L .Prabaharan

The felicitation took place on the 4th of March 2014, from 11.15 am onwards, at the College Navarangahala, with the presence of the Principal of Royal College, Mr Upali Gunasekera, The Vice Principal Sir, Mr. Sarath Keerthisena, The Deputy Principal of the Tamil section, Mr. Kaaptheepan, the Senior Games Masters, Mr. M.T.A. Rauf and Mr. S. Liyanagunawardena.

The Sectional Heads, as well as the members of the Academic staff were also present together with all the students of grade 6 to grade 13, to witness the Felicitation of the aforementioned retired senior staff by the Principal Sir, and the members of the existing Senior staff.

The vote of thanks was given by the Head Prefect, Nipuna Ambanpola and the Felicitation Ceremony concluded at 1.00 pm.