School song project!

A special School Song Training Programme for 160 Scholars, newly admitted to Royal College, was conducted by the Western Music Society in collaboration with the Prefect’s Council. This was held on the 5th and 6th of February at which choristers Asel Karunasingha and Senith Abeyanayaka educated the scholars on The College Anthem : Its History, words and meaning and common mistakes done when singing it. Choristers Priyesh Perera, Arjun Ratwatte, Dinuka de Zoysa and Yehan Rajapaksa joined in demonstrating the Anthem in its original four part arrangement as composed by principal Major Harry L. Reed in 1927 and preserved by the College Choir. In addition Disks with the Anthem’s recording along with its words were distributed to the scholars .
For 86 years the College Anthem has been passed down through generations of Choristers at Royal and its preservation is considered to be the prime responsibility of the Choir. Hence this programme was carried out with pleasure and honour. Much thanks goes out to the Prefect’s Council for the necessary arrangements made.”