For the past few years it’s The Royal College Tamil Literary Association that has been selecting

and sending students to participate in various inter-school competitions.

In a calendar year there are around five to ten to inter school competitions held in Tamil,

which includes, all island competitions endorsed by Ministry of Education and other schools’

interschool competitions.

The Tamil Literary Association which is responsible for these competitions decided to select

students and send them for competitions representing the club and school for these competitions

as these competitions are considered vey prestige among the schools nowadays.


Being one of our initial projects of the year the objectives of the project are:

• Our main aim is to bring glory to our school.

• Winning as much as we can as these competitions are considered prestige among the


• Sending an appropriate team with knowledgeable persons.

• Creating chances for our school.


As so many completions are held, we felt that they should be given importance. We planned to

form a proper order to carry this out.

The participants were selected on the basis of their performance in the inter-grade competitions.

The team went through regular practice sessions and showed a very improved performance

compared to the previous years.


Our students participated in various inter school competitions. They are as followed,

St. Peter’s College Interschool Competition

St. Benedict’s College Interschool Competition

St. Joseph’s College Interschool Competition