Annual Rural Development Project (Kotakethana School, Kahawatta)

This project was undertaken by the members of the Social Services League of Royal College in cooperation with the Sasnaka Sansanda Foundation.

It was a dual phase project carried out as two integral components. The first phase was focused on renovating school buildings and reconditioning them along with improving levorotary facilities of the school. The second phase was dedicated for enhancing the teaching and learning process of the school. An English seminar was held for the student of grade 11 of the school. These educational seminars were held under the supervision and assistance of qualified professionals of the Sansnaka Sansanda Foundation. In addition to this, stationary items were provided to the students of the school along with several desks, green boards, furniture, sport equipments, lab items and a computer. The project was successfully concluded on 14th of November 2014.

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