All Guns Blazing! The Royal Shooters get their Targets right!

Hard work, Dedication and Determination paid off as the Royal College Air Rifle Shooting team rose to the occasion twice when they delivered exceptional performances at the Sri Lanka Schools Under 19 Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Championship as well as the Air Rifle shooting Nationals 2014.

The Sri Lanka schools Under 19 Air Rifle and Pistol shooting Championship for the year 2014 organized by the Sri Lanka Schools Shooting Sports Association took place at the Ananda College indoor stadium on the 5th of November 2014.

The Royal College Air Rifle shooting team captained by Dhanushka Dissanayake and vice captained by Pasan Manawaduge proved their dominance by captivating on every given opportunity to bring to light brilliant performances in their respective categories. The Air Rifle shooting team comprising of Captain Dhanushka Dissanayake, Pasindu Jayarathne, Sahan Gunawardene and Umen Rajapakse had their heads held high and displayed great performances and were ranked in the top 5 schools in the team event.

 In the pistol category, Royal College amassed a huge victory with exceptional performances by Sahan Peiris, Dilshan Udayaranga and the vice-captain Pasan Manawaduge. Sahan Peiris was awarded 2nd place in the Pistol 15 Pellets category while Dilshan Udayaranga clinched the 5th place.

This year’s championship which was conducted under the group supervision of national and international referees and officials saw the participation of 432 competitors from 72 schools. The exposure and the experience gained by the Royalists amongst the intense competition proved to be of immense value as they had to gear up for the Nationals which indeed is the most prestigious of events.

Exactly one month later, the 5th of December 2014, the Royalists had to step up and deliver their best at the Air Rifle Shooting Nationals.

 Following the brilliant performance at the Sri Lanka Schools Air Rifle and Pistol shooting Championship, the Royal team once again led by Dhanushka Dissanayake went into the tournament with the much required confidence and preparation. Here too, the Royalists had their targets right and delivered great performances which brought about good results in return to the hard work, commitment and determination shown by the lads from Reid Avenue.

 Akila Sithumina was awarded 2nd place in the nationals and junior nationals in the 60 Pellet Pistol category while Dilshan Udayaranga was awarded 4th place and Ninura Ranasinghe was awarded 5th place respectively.

Hence, the Royal College Air Rifle and Pistol shooting team will end the year on a high note with success in both the Sri Lanka schools Championship and the Nationals.