Royal Trinity Tap Rugby 7s 2014 – Celebrating Friendship & Sportsmanship!

Tap rugby 7’s is a club service project organized jointly by the Interact Clubs of Royal College and Trinity College Kandy. The key essence of this project is the organizing of a tap rugby tournament among the Interact clubs of all schools within the vicinity of Colombo as well as Kandy.

This project initiated back in 2010 has seen much success in the past four years and still stands as the only major Interact project organized along with another institution outside Colombo. Tap rugby 7’s being a club service project has not only given the opportunity for many young Interactors to showcase their talents but also Interact and bond with many other fellow Interactors. The uniqueness of this event has always succeeded in attracting crowds and much interest among all.

The organizing schools are also no strangers to rugby. Royal College and Trinity College have been among the oldest rugby playing institutions in the country, giving much chance for the project to flourish.

This year the event took place in a grand scale at the Royal College Sports Complex on the 19th of December. The tournament was held from 9am onwards with the participation of 9 Boys Schools and 2 Girls Schools.

The following schools were qualified to the final stages of the tournament.
Isipathana College
Zahira College
St. Peters College
D. S. Senanayake College

Visakha Vidyalaya
Gateway College

Ultimately the Interactors from Isipathana College manage to win the Boys’ Championship while the Visakhians walked away with the Girls’ Championship.

The organizing committee also took the initiative to introduce a new segment to the event by adding a “Tap Rugby carnival”, where anyone could form a Tap Rugby team of 7 players and take part in this event. This gave the platform for non-interactors to get together with their friends and family and enjoy the night with the much loved game of Tap Rugby. The committee took this initiative as they saw the high demand for tap rugby among youngsters and even elders.

There were also many food stalls, a DJ, and the matches were played under lights as it is a dream for Rugby Fans and also as a motive to bring glamour to the event. There was a high demand for the event this year with this newest addition.

Another addition to the event was the “All Star Match”.  This match was the kick off to the carnival.  This is where Star Rugby players from Royal College and Trinity College battled each other at a game of Tap Rugby. This was definitely a major crowd pleaser and good start for the Tap Rugby Carnival, as it has never been done before.

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