The Official Website of Royal College Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary!

A website, with a vision to gather all digital media & publications of Royal College under one portal, was launched on Tuesday the 4th of December 2012. Thus, today, the 4th of December 2014 marks the 2nd Anniversary of the Official Website of Royal College:

Royal College, as a pioneering institution in the fields of Innovation and Information Technology, was in the forefront of these respective fields since early times. As time evolved, technologies changed, thus bringing minor and at times major changes to the technologies used, specially to the official website of Royal College which had been established back then. All of these previous websites had many errors, especially when it came to display and storage, two vital sectors of a website. A resolute solution was much needed. Different parties brought in different concepts and different suggestions to the website, but none of them seemed to work out until 2012.

The Prefects’ Council 2011/12, took the initiative to quench the need of a modern and attractive website for Royal College. After months of researching, designing and programming, the Council finally presented the Official Website of Royal College under the domain of The website was officially approved, and was published on the 4th of December 2012. The new website was not only modern and attractive, but also had resolved the previously noticed errors in display and storage. The website easily fit the screen of whichever device it was viewed, may it be something as big as a LED video wall or even something as small as a mobile phone, thus successfully solving the fault in display in the previous websites. It also had the facility to archive every single article and news item that was published, which made an online portal to access the History of Royal College, in detail. The website also used software which enabled the web administrator to edit the website anytime and anywhere, which made the official website of Royal College much more efficient, unlike the previous websites.

Today as we celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of this website, our heartiest gratitude must reach out to the pioneers of this project; the Royal College Prefects’ Council 11/12 and its IT Committee headed by the Deputy Head Prefect for IT Birendra Jayatilleke, the project head Sakitha Kumarage, along with the project coordinators Ajmal Sideek, Sachith Tissera, Chirath Kumarasiri, the photographers Sajan Peiris and Kaushika Jayalath, the IT committees of the Prefects’ Councils of 12/13 and 13/14 lead by the Deputy Head Prefects Aneeq Hashim and Priyesh Perera respectively, and especially the two Old Royalists, Pathum Egodawatte and Asela Jayarathne, who designed and programmed this website into perfection.

On a final note, we would like to thank you for staying in touch with us and hope that this website would reach greater heights in years to come!