Three Strikes…You’re Out! Royal College Emerge Victorious at the 4th Triangular Baseball Tournament!

The Royal College Baseball team outclassed their opponents to bring glory to their alma mater by emerging victorious at the 4th Annual Baseball Triangular tournament for the prestigious K.M.C. Fernando Challenge Shield. The tournament was held on the 24th and 25th of January 2015 at the Royal College Main Grounds. This year, the event was organized by the Royal College Union Baseball Advisory and Management committee and is a tournament that is contested annually by Royal College Colombo, Kingswood College Kandy and Richmond College Galle which are amongst the oldest and prominent baseball playing schools in the island.

This tournament which was inaugurated in the year 2010 is keenly contested by the three schools and is undoubtedly the event most looked forward to, by the baseball fraternities of the three leading institutions.

The First XI baseball team of Royal College captained by Hasitha Gunarathne and Vice-captained by Kalana Dias displayed a great array of skill and precision as they guided themselves to outrun and outclass their opponents in all departments of the game. However the brilliant efforts by Kingswood College and especially the finalists’ Richmond College have to be greatly appreciated. The lads from Galle ran circles on the field and in the minds of the Royalists as they gave the hosts a tough outing in a thrilling final which indeed took the standards of schools’ baseball to a whole new dimension.

Royal College faced off against Kingswood College in their first match and managed to accomplish a comprehensive win over the lads from the hill capital with the end score reading 7-3 in favour of the Royalists. Royal College who made their way into the finals, then faced off against the formidable Richmond College, Galle in a final that brought about thrills and excitement in the minds of the spectators.

“The game isn’t over until it is over” – Yogi Berra- (Former American Baseball star, manager and coach)

In the much awaited finals between Royal College and Richmond College, the scores were 0-0 till the third inning. The game was unpredictable and indecisive as the game had to be over in order to even predict the winner. Royal College managed to win the game with the score of 12-9 after both teams scored only in the last two innings, thus paving the way to an end of a great finale.

This tournament brought about spectacular individual excellence amidst the great teamwork and brilliant sportsmanship displayed by all three teams. The best Hitter award was awarded to Nimantha Dilshan from Richmond College.

The Royalists Shan Tennakoon and Dilen Fernando were adjudged Best Pitcher and Best Fielder respectively. These two young Royalists have represented Sri Lanka in the Youth Asian Baseball Championship and are currently members of the Under 18 national team.

The dedication, compassion and hard work of the baseball players of Royal College paid off as they began their campaign on a high note by setting the foundation to a year filled with anticipation and expectation in the baseball arena.

“I swing big, with everything I’ve got. I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as big as I can”  -Babe Ruth- (American Baseball Outfielder & Pitcher)