Navarangahala comes alive with magical voices

Another evening of magic unfolded on stage at the Royal College Navarangahala the 21st of February as Eve of Acapella 2015 kicked off with an enthusiastic crowd filling the audience. Organized by the United Students Circle, the event began at 6.00pm with the College Choir presenting the College anthem.

Soon afterwards the evening saw a number of memorable school performances with many melodies and harmonies which got the crowd cheering and wanting more. The stunning performances by various guest artists also grabbed the attention of every spectator.

The unique feature of the evening was the restriction of the art to simply utilizing the human voice for every performance: the key specialty of a cappella performance. The beauty of this show was the combination of the more traditional form presented by a number of school choirs who focused on harmonizing with brilliant blending of their voices and the more contemporary form of emulating musical instruments as well as natural or artificial sounds which was heavily emphasized by the beat-boxers and certain choirs. However the exclusivity of this type of show was somewhat distorted with the inclusion of certain performances adopting support of musical instruments.

The evening consisted of 06 school choirs and 07 guest performers. The school choirs included of Royal College, Bishops College, St Benedict’s College, Musaeus College, Elizabeth Moir and Wesley College. Each school choir managed to stun the audience with their own version of acappella music .

The guest performers for the night composed of the celebrity performers Dushyanth Weeraman and Randhir presenting much excitement to the crowds gathered along with renowned beat boxer Julius Mitchell staggering the audience with some out-of-the-world variations of this voice, immediate past SDHP of College Shuaib Jabbar raising the crowds enthusiasm with some soothing music, TNL onstage winner Nikhil De Almaida and College student Nilesh Narendran.

The event filling Navarangahala up to its brim with over 800 a passionate crowd cheering at the top of their voices indeed marked yet another successful extravaganza of magical voices.

The photo gallery for the event is available here and here.