The Road Safety Squad of Royal College Celebrates its Golden Jubilee

In humble celebration of 50 years of service (1964-2014) and on behalf of its future well-being, members of the Royal College Road Safety Squad held a Buddhist Sermon at the College Main hall on Friday, the 13th of February, 2015, with the presence of Venerable Thunbowila Dharmarathana Thero, Principal of Royal College Mr.Upali Gunasekara, Senior Games Master Mr.Richard Perera, Invited members of the Academic Staff and past and present members of the Road Safety Squad.

The Sermon or ‘Bana’ Programme commenced at 5.00 pm and was concluded by 7.00pm. Religious Blessings were delegated by Venerable Thunbowila Dharmarathana Thero on behalf wishing the Road Safety Squad the best of success in its upcoming endeavors.