Rugby 1st XV continues winning streak!

On the 11th of April 2015, 2 schools renowned for Rugby met in Kandy, Bogambara Stadium for their annual season match. Competition was at its zenith between both schools. Despite the heavy traffic, admirable numbers of dedicated fans of both schools made their way to the match. Under the overcast sky, the Royal College vs Dharmaraja College Kandy Rugby match was afoot.
Both teams had defensive formations which made a stalemate to each other’s offense. In this manner the game continued until both teams fumbled on their part in defence, clearing the way for a try and conversion for the Royal team and try for the Dharmaraja team. By the half time bell the culmination of the teams points were at 7 (Royal) and 5 (Dharmaraja).
Amid the shouts of the crowd in support for the teams, the 2nd half began. The show of power by the Royalists occurred when the impressive defence of Dharmaraja could not stop the Royal players from forcing the team closer to the line by sheer force of push through the scrum, which eventually resulted in a try after a few attempts of breaking through the Dharmaraja defence. The defence imposed by Dharmaraja proved to be slightly too aggressive as Royal was allowed a conversion as a penalty of a Dharmaraja player. Royal successfully expanded her score by gaining points from the penalty kick as well.
Towards the latter part of the 2nd Half, the match result was already predestined, as Royal held the line and prevented the opponent from augmenting their score beyond the previous, subsequently keeping Royal at a very safe lead. Despite many admirable tries by Dharmaraja College to break through the Royal defence, fate would have it as Royal College emerging victorious this day.
At the end of the bell for the 2nd half, the scores remained in favour for the boys from Reid avenue with Royal College emerging victorious once again.
Final score: RC 17 (2T 2C 1P) – 05 (1T) DRCK