An expedition through the best of music: Miyesi Meerawaya

Unfurling its 21st edition, Miyesi Meerawaya 2015 took to stage on the 15th of May at the Royal College Navarangahala. The event took place before a massive overly enthusiastic crowd with eminent artist Rohana Beddage gracing the occasion as the Chief Guest. This event, organized by the grade eleven batch of hostellers is a much looked up to event for all music fans at College.

The evening started off with some transcendental music carrying the audience away on a magical journey. It was all placed before an elegant stage and set that created an aura of magic on stage. The creative decorations that delighted all must be especially noted.

The schedule for the night managed to reveal some promising talent hidden among the younger generation. A number of hostelers displayed exceptional skill on stage. The performances by students of certain invited schools were also equally commendable.

The contribution by the Hostel Warden, Mr Aruna de Silva for the evening with his spectacular vocals on stage deserves much applaud. In addition his contribution behind the scenes in weaving together the threads of this massive venture should certainly be given all the more credit. Having played a significant and vital role in all activities in the hostel while implementing numerous novel innovations, he has been the key driving force for much of their success. This was the last Miyesi Meerawaya to be organized under his tenure as the Warden.

Soon after the Chief Guest also joined in with an item of his own that simply elevated the excitement of that ecstatic audience. As an individual who has displayed unparalleled talent in multiple arenas he managed to inspire all students present with his words of wisdom as he addressed the gathering.

In addition the colourful dancing items that adorned the stage, especially those will much action and energy brought out by the junior hostelers must be highlighted.

As the curtains closed for the final time, the crowd was left simply wordless with a stunning evening. The event turned out to be a great success praised by all those present.