Bradby Shield back to Reid Avenue

Spectacular victory of 49-0.


The peak of intensity of the rugby season had just been reached. The closely won 1st leg ending at 23-22 had simply elevated that intensity as fans of either team awaited to witness their players’ prowess on the field make their team victorious.

The evening saw the usual, if not larger crowds of endless fans at the Royal College Sports Complex Grounds awaiting the coveted encounter. The many young men in blue and gold cheering for College at the top of their voices to drown out the noise of that red army along with the frequent yells built that festive atmosphere of the encounter.

The under 18 matches soon came to an end with the Royal team emerging victorious through a slight margin after their clear defeat in Kandy. It was time for the final match for the evening.

Play started with some impressive attack from the Royal side with captain Banuka Gamage almost reaching the opposite try line just after kick off. Soon after Trinity was awarded a penalty but failed to convert it to points.

The first points for the evening were recorded with some adept shoving by the Royal scrum followed by Supun Warnakulasooriya’s dive landing on the far end. Ovin Askey converts bringing the score board to 7-0. Askey shines once more as a penalty is awarded to Royal, taking the sides score to 10-0. The Royal side seems to be showcasing their strength brilliantly as their scrum displays some remarkable shoving against their counterparts.

Again some excellent passing down the line sees winger Sabith Feroze scoring. Conversion fails pushing the scores to 15-0. Askey soon makes up for the miss with an impressive penalty from the left end. As the whistles go off for half time, the score stands at 18-0 with Royal on a clear high.

As play begins once again, the Trinitians seem to attempt some form of retaliation only to have their hopes shattered soon with flanker, Keshan Peiris touching the line after another feat of brilliance by the scrum. Askey converts successfully. Soon after another try ensues with Warnakulasooriya diving right beside the uprights. Conversion fails. Score stands at 30-0.

As if to outshine the impressive feats by the scrum, the wingers also come into action with an outstanding intercept by Mahima Gamage followed by a try. Askey adds on to the score with his conversion. The enthusiastic Gamage collects yet another miss-pass just minutes later to land before the uprights for his second consecutive try. Conversion fails bringing to score to 42-0.

Royal continues to display exceptional rugby with one final try by Warnakulasooriya; that being his third for the evening followed by a brilliant conversion. Score raised to 49-0. After some more intense play the whistles go out with the Royal fans racing to the grounds in gaiety after a proud victory following a lapse of three years.

Amidst the countless ecstatic fans celebrating the joy of victory the Royal team got on stage to lift the coveted Bradby Shield bringing it back to Reid Avenue.

Final Score: Royal  49 (4 G, 3 T, 2 P)  –  0  Trinity