Drama Comp stage comes alive

A most looked up to event on the thespians calendar, Drama Comp took place at Lionel Wendt on the 13th of May for the 29th year. A full house of enthusiastic theatre lovers were carried through a journey of magic as the casts of Visaka Vidyalaya, St Bridget’s Convent and St Peters College took the stage.

First up was the cast of Visaka Vidyalaya with their play, “4 a.m.”, an original script by the girls. This spectacular production exploring a variety of aspects of teenage dreams and problems managed to grasp the entire audience with its well matched entwinement with humour and inspiration. The character of the radio host with her jovial comments and innovative lines managed to light up the house with much laughter.

St Bridget’s adorned the stage next with their adept portrayal of teen suicide. Another original script written by them, “Just like you wanted” took the audience on a journey through the life of a teenage girl who returns as a ghost after committing suicide. It showcased the multiple problems leading to her depression followed by her immense regret over her decision which darkened the lives of all those around. The play succeeded in bringing a tear to everyone present whilst conveying a strong message deterring suicide.

The final cast for the evening, St Peter’s College put on stage an extract from the drama, Bishop’s Candle Sticks (an adaptation based on Les Miserablesby Victor Hugo). Weaving together the threads of emotion and warmth of heart together with commendable thrill and humour, this play focused on presenting a message of true goodwill while revealing the plight of the poor. The adroit portrayal of the convict around whom the play was centred must be noted.

The evening concluded with Visaka Vidyalaya grabbing the Championship at Drama Comp 205 while St Bridget’s Convent was placed runners up. The award for the best backstage crew went to St Peters College while the Best Male Portrayal was grabbed by their convict. The best supporting female portrayal went to the young “Haley” of St Bridget’s Convent while the Best supporting male portrayal went to the radio host of Visaka Vidyalaya. The role by the ensemble of Visaka Vidyalaya were adjudged the most memorable performance.

All in all, Drama Comp with its full house audience and exceptional quality of theatre ended on a high. This event is organised by the Interact Club of Royal College.