Mrs C L Attygalle retires after years of service to College

A felicitation ceremony was organized on the 29th of April in order to recognize and honour the unparalleled service extended towards the betterment of College by Mrs C L Attygalle. This ceremony was held in the presence of all teachers at the Primary who worked with her during her tenure as the Deputy Principal of College including those who had retired as well as her beloved students in the Primary Section.

Mrs Attygalle began her service at College over three decades ago as a teacher of English Language and Literature. Over the years she rendered an immense service to College through a multitude of avenues. She was instrumental in developing numerous activities at College ranging from German Language, English Debating, English Drama, Public Speaking and I-Earn to even sporting activities. Her adept qualities of leadership were truly visible as each of these were performed in an absolute right Royal manner.

The immaculate service rendered by her is indeed invaluable to College. She is one last who truly deserves every honour and accolade for the multitudinous sacrifices and commitments she has laid down to elevate the standards of our Alma mater.