Application for the post of Editor of the Royal College Magazine

The post of ‘Editor of the Royal College Magazine’ is one of the oldest and most respected positions that can be held by a student. This post is to be revived and hence, we wish to notify that any student from Grade 12 may apply.

Those interested must submit their CV authenticated by their current Class Teacher and the Senior Games Master along with a covering letter addressed to the “Prefects’ Council, Royal College, Colombo 07”  on or before 1.30 pm on the 31st of May, 2016. These documents can be handed over to the Prefects’ Room or the General Office.

Interviews will be called for all eligible applicants and the interview dates and times for each applicant will be duly notified.

Two students out of those interviewed will be selected as Editors of the Royal College Magazine for the year 2015.

For any queries please contact Asel Karunasingha on 0778052212.


Cover of the Royal College Magazine – March 1893