“To Serve the Under Privileged” : Royal College Social Services League Concludes 33rd Annual Vesak Dansala

In their persevering effort to serve those who are in need in the community, the members of the Royal College Social Services League have successfully concluded their Annual Vesak Dansala for the 33rd consecutive year on the 21st of May 2016 at the Maharagama Cancer Hospital.

Through the monetary contributions made by students, members of the academic and administrative staffs, old Royalists and other generous donors, the members of the Social Services League acquired funds required for covering costs pertaining to the project. Prior to the day on which the Dansala was held, the wards 9 and 10 of the Maharagama Cancer Hospital were refurbished. During the implementation of this project, a total of 65 dry rations were distributed to patients of the aforementioned wards, after concluding the preparatory Buddhist proceeding of Pattana Puja. Free meals containing fruits were provided to more than 200 patients with parallel to this endeavor. A Pulse Oximeter machine worth Rs. 210,000 and eight wall fans— of whose expense of purchase was borne by the Old Royalists’ Social Services League— amounting a cost of Rs. 24,000 were donated to the hospital after the distribution of meals and rations among patients.

This work of good will and just cause, accomplished by the members of the League during a time where emphasis on empathy and compassion is aplenty, would undoubtedly bear many favorable implications, not only pertaining to the League or College, but also beyond to the community and society.