Club and Society Photographs for the year 2016

The Club and Society Photographs for the year 2016 will be taken on the dates given below.

22nd September– AESIU, Agriculture Society, Art Circle, Astronomical Society, Aviation Society, Buddhist Brotherhood, Catholic Students Union, Chemistry Club

23rd September– Commerce Society, Computer Society, Dancing Society, Debaters Council, English Drama Society, English Literary Association, Entrepreneurs Club, Gavel Club

26th of September– General Knowledge Club, Globe Family, Green Circle, Hindu Students’ Union, History Club, Islamic Society

27th September– Library Readers Association, Mathematics Society, Media Unit, Mother Sri Lanka, Non – Addict Movement, Oriental Music Society, Philatelic Club , Photographic Society, Political Science Association

28th September– Red Cross Society, Science Association, Scrabble Club, Sinhala Drama Society, Sinhala Language and Literary Unit, Sinhala Oratory and Debating Society, Social Services League, Student Christian Movement

29th September– Tamil Debaters’ Council, Tamil Dramatic Society, Tamil Karnatic Music Society, Tamil Literary Association, Technologies Club, UNESCO Club, United Nations Club, Western Music Society, Young Inventors’ Club


Top Board members: White blazer and College tie

Other members: Long sleeved shirt with sleeves folded and College tie

Please ensure that all club members are clean shaven, have a proper haircut and adhere to all regulations with regard to attire. Clubs which fail to do so will not be featured in the Clubs and Societies Felicitation Ceremony Souvenir.


It is compulsory for all the members and the Senior Teachers – in Charge of each respective club to be present for the photograph before 1.30 pm outside the College Hall on the given date. Teachers – in charge should be informed.


Seating arrangement:

Snr. T.I.C

S.G.M Chairman Principal Secretary Snr. Deputy Principal


It is hereby noted to all clubs which have more than one secretary or treasurer; that only three members of the Top Board will be allowed to be seated.