The Continuation of an Unfading History

The Royal College Scrabble Club marked
yet another victorious milestone in scrabbling
on the 15th of July at the Royal-Thomian
Scrabble encounter. The A team was able to end the day
with 21 wins on the board, and 4 losses. This was also
the record-breaking fastest win, as the team clinched the title
at the end of three rounds. Pasindu Chammika and
Qays Sangani, displaying their perfection in the art of scrabble
was able to drive Royal towards victory by winning all 5 games.
With the A team marking its 4th consecutive championship in the
Royal-Thomian scrabble arena, the team was able to widen the tally
making it 4-2 in favour of Royal. The A team comprised
of Aabid Ismail, Janul De Silva, Pasindu Chammika, Qays
Sangani and Rivi Wijesekara. Aabid and Janul were also
Two representativea at the World Youth Scrabble
Championship in the yeara of 2014, 2015 and 2016. Both
of them were also able to finish at the top 5, stamping Royal’s
name on the international field. The Royal-Thomian scrabble
encounter was started in the year of 2012.
The B team of the Royal-Thomian Scrabble Encounter comprised
of Musharraf Hameer, Sandamal Ferdinandez, Nikesh Ravindira,
Mindiya karunasinghe and W.H.R.C Nisheda. However in response
to the thrashing of Royal in the A division, the Thomian B team
managed to win the B division.
The success of the Royal College scrabble team was not only backed
with the countless hours of hard work and dedication of the players,
but also the support and guidance given by the teacher in charge –
Mrs. Inosha De Silva and coach – Gayanath Chandrasena.
This victory will surely be just the start for a promising golden future
for the Royal Scrabblers. With many local tournaments coming in the month
of August and International championships in the latter months of the calendar,
this tournament was surely a fresh start towards the path of unreachable milestones.