The Backstreat Music Festival 2017

On Thursday, the 3rd of August, the cool night air was filled with spectacular live music and the smells of delicious food as the United Nations Clubs of Royal College and Ladies’ College came together to host “BackstrEAT 2017”. The evening of song, dance, and games, gave all those who attended a night of fun- that was all in pursuit of a noble cause. The event was organized to raise funds to rebuild and refurbish the library of the Bopagoda Sugeeshwara Vidyalaya in Matara, to empower children by helping them discover the world of literature, and thus broadening their horizons.

The evening was graced by a multitude of talented local performers, with skills ranging from singing to hip hop dancing to beat boxing; all of whom were kind enough to perform for free for altruistic cause of the event. Up and coming young musicians such as Ama, Oshana and Shania, Thishakya, Devin, Shania Klyn, and Marisha took the stage with a variety of songs to mesmerize the audience, and Julius & Prince, DKM, and the JJ twins changed things up a bit with rap and beat-boxing. The Lunatics had the crowd going wild with tasteful remixes, and Badinga wrapped up the show with a hip hop dance item.

However the night was not just a treat for the ears alone. Attendees were spoilt for choice when it came to food, with Harpos, Pizza Hut, The Commons and KFC present to satisfy their savory cravings- and as for dessert, there were plenty of options from Snow Monkey, Fight Like a Girl, and even from student run stalls. Bubblelement and Roots ensured that the crowd remained hydrated well enough to keep the party going late into the night.

Yet besides the music and the food, the attractions that made BackstrEAT 2017 truly stand out were the games. The Horror House ensured that the night was filled with plenty of shrieks and screams too, and found an eager audience in the daredevils who battled their way through. The talented tried their hand at rifle shooting and dart games, and those who wanted a more relaxing pastime were highly amused by having their fortunes told at palm reading stalls. On the artistic side of things, there were nail art, face painting, mehendi designs, and flash tattoos up for grabs. A unique facet of the night was definitely the quad bike area, where adrenaline junkies could safely race around a track in a special type of bike.

Organized by students, to help their fellow underprivileged youth in other regions of Sri Lanka, and still managing to showcase young musical and artistic talent at the same time, the festival was a phenomenal success. All in all, BackstrEAT 2017 was a night of fun for the entire family, catering to all tastes and preferences- which was made all the more special because of the noble cause behind it.