Inflection 2017

The Non Addict Movement of Royal College was initiated with the purpose of eradicating drugs, alcohol and other addictions from schools in order to create a better future generation. The society was initiated with the guidance of Mrs.Lanka Ranatunge.

The project “Inflection” was a dream come true to the Executive Committee. The idea was proposed during month of October 2016. At that point the only issue that arose was the project could only bring entertainment to the society. So the Committee decided to donate the profit to the Maharagama Cancer Hospital. They decided to organize a Fun Day to the kids who are suffering from Cancer. They also came up with ideas such as Artistes speaking there perspective on addiction before their performance, Screening videos regarding addiction prevention on the video wall ext.

The Committee dedicated 4 months completely to the project. By that time the club had already concluded 6 projects successfully. During the Month of June they started the financial side of the project covering Budget Planning, Paper Work, Advertisement Hunting ext. By the middle of July the first teaser graphic was released. This was able to capture everyone’s attention. So they immediately started their well-planned advertising campaign. This was possible with the help of Minoru Pathirana. In the Month of August they started to organize the event. But problems arose since they had no experience in this regard. But after experiencing some similar events and with the help of certain individuals they managed to organize the event perfectly. During the beginning of August they released the tickets for “Inflection”. Soon the 1000LKR tickets were sold out within two weeks. During the last three weeks of August they started a new thorough advertising campaign which consisted detailed graphics of the artistes and various videos. This was able take over the social networks. At around 5am on the 4th of September all the tickets for “Inflection” were officially sold out. At 6pm the doors were open for the audience at the Bishops College Auditorium.  The event Featured Daddy, Sanuka Wickramasinghe, Nadeemal with point Five and Api Machan. The Success of the event was proved by the way the audience danced and screamed in joy.

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