An accolade like no other!! – Clubs and Societies Felicitation Ceremony 2015

The Clubs and Societies Felicitation Ceremony which is commonly known as the “Clubs’ Night” took to stage for the 6th consecutive time on the 19th of November 2015 under the theme “Feudal Japan” The Hon. Sagala Ratnayaka, Cabinet Minister of Law … Continue reading

Royal clinch the ‘Kulasekaram Memorial Shield’ for a second consecutive year.

The Royal College Tamil Debaters Council emerge victorious in the 19th Annual Royal – Thomian Tamil Debate, clinching the ‘Kulasekaram Memorial Shield‘ for the Second Consecutive year. Lead by Ajan Balakumaran; Arjunkumar Selvarajah, Anushan Suppiah and Pirabanjan Kirupaharan along with Harshanth … Continue reading