General Assembly

Out of the many traditions associated with the legendary Battle of the Blues that a royalist has the privilege of experiencing during his tenure within the hallowed portals of Royal College, there is one experience that stands out among all the rest. Admittedly it may not be one of the most exciting events in the Big Match Calendar but to a person who stands at the edge of the JR Jayawardena Pavilion looking out upon a sea of Blue and Gold it sure is one of the most awe inspiring ones.

The Annual General Assembly of Royal College which usually takes place on the day prior to big match is possibly the largest gathering of students in college. It is of vital importance in our annual calendar as a set of symbolic functions of paramount importance is conducted on this day. To an individual who looks upon the event from a third party perspective it shows the sheer might and power that Royal College possesses. Anyone who witnesses the numbers gathered at the pavilion or hears the passionate cry of ROYAL coming from 8000 voices in unison would immediately know that Royal College is a force to be reckoned with.

If by any chance you plan on applying for the post of Steward or Prefect and face interviews anytime in the future I suggest you read this next bit very carefully as I am about to divulge some important information which sadly, many students in college do not know. Among the many important items in the agenda of the general assembly there are six items of utmost importance which can be even termed as traditions of General Assembly. Firstly the Captains and Vice captains of all Sports are introduced to the student population in College. Secondly the Senior Prefects are given their badges and also the Top Board for the respective year is announced in order to formalize their appointment. Point number three and four are two speeches made on this day which are the speeches made by the Principal and The Head Prefect respectively. Also a lesser known fact about this grand event is that the first ever publication of the Big Match souvenir is given to The Principal on this day and lastly but most importantly the much loved first XI Cricket team is announced to the whole of College.

All in all the General Assembly is an event that embodies the true spirit of Royal to coincide with the Battle of the Blues and the atmosphere that comes along with it. I have had the privilege of seeing many a wonderful site in my years in college but trust me when I say this that the one chance I got to look down from that pavilion is a site parallel to no other. If any visual image could even come close to showing the true Royal spirit that would be it. And above all else the sense of gratitude that over whelms you for this wonderful family that you have been given by this institution is unforgettable because you know that there will be 8000 brothers alongside you in the darkest of moments…To bleed Blue and Gold…To breathe Blue and Gold and above all else to BE THE BLUE AND GOLD.