Social Responsibility Towards Society and Environment

Society and its environment is a collection of all the animate and inanimate objects and the relationship among these components. Interdependence of all the parts of the environment is important for a balanced world. Royal College has paved a path to address its concerns about society and environment in the following aspects.

Green Practices

  • Tree naming and survey of trees in College to preserve Bio diversity
  • Bio Gas plant to cater to the gas requirements of the hostel
  • Waste segregation and collection from all grades
  • Waste separation center
  • Solar Powered Lighting system at Navarangahala
  • Rainwater Harvesting units
  • Compost units
  • Green House garden
  • Agriculture farming project, Mental Hospital Mulleriyawa
  • Maintaining an agricultural plot in the Town Hall roundabout
  • Rainwater harvesting units for other schools
  • Coast conservation projects
  • Beach cleanup projects
  • Dengue prevention program
  • Herbal Garden
  • Annual Cycle Parade -General cleanliness
  • Agriculture plots
  • Urban forests

Community Involvement

  • Distribution of dry rations and money donations at  Padavi – Siripura for the people who are affected from arsenic related diseases.
  • Annual Multhange Poojawa at the Temple of the Tooth Relic.
  • Maintaining welfare facilities at the Mulleriyawa half way home.
  • Blood donation campaign held twice a year.
  • Donation of College past examination papers to rural schools.In addition to the aforementioned activities, numerous social service projects from various clubs and societies take place each year, thus adding to the community involvement portfolio.