Social Responsibility Towards Students

Students are the prominent stakeholder group in a school. At Royal College, we have prepared our children to be productive members of the society. Each student with his unique set of talents, has the ability to contribute to society in many ways. Identifying the value of this social responsibility, the College authority has implemented the following.

  • Career guidance programs to identify hidden skills of students and help them to select their appropriate future career path.

    Lectures and workshops were conducted by the school with the help of resource personnel of the Royal College Union. Professionally qualified career guides helped students to identify their own passion and to select the own future career path according to the new trends and prevailing opportunities.

  • Increasing the nutritional level of the students.

    Consuming fast food has become a new trend among students for the last two decades. This habit has caused a lot of health problems in both physical and mental aspects. In order to overcome this issue, the College has introduced a medicinal porridge which is prepared by using traditional varieties of rice and spices with medicinal value. The specialty of this porridge is that all the ingredients used are free from poisonous ingredients, and are grown in organic farms.

  • Creating socially responsible and peaceful mind sets in students.

    The college encourages the students to get involved in community service projects through their clubs and societies activities. This involvement gives an opportunity for students to understand the less fortunate sectors of the society and to extend their assistance according to their abilities.

  • Counselling.

    In the year 2013, the Counselling Unit of Royal College carried out its functions as an organized body. Children who come to seek support routinely have 3 sessions and the children who seek additional guidance receive monthly counselling.