Teachers Guild

The Royal College Teachers Guild was formed in the year 2004 for the benefit and welfare of the teachers of Royal College. According to its constitution,RCTG will elect the office bearers annually to manage and administer its affairs.The Principal and the Vice Principle serve in the capacity of advisors as RCTG office bearers and 22 committee members will be appointed from grade 1 to 13.

Benefits and Assistance

  • The ability to gain loan facilities at the rate of 1% monthly interest which can be deducted in 10 installments.
  • Financial support for demise of a member or a close relative as funds for funerals.
  • Farewell function and presentation at the retirement stage.
  • Organizing of an annual event for the members of RCTG.
  • Life Insurance and medical insurance schemes to be supported.
  • Support and assist all the Royal college official and unofficial functions for the up lift ment of the school.