Royal College is widely known as the premier educational institution in the island. This idea has been justified time and time again as Royalists past and present have produced outstanding results in whatever field they may have taken part in. Royal College is an institution that brings together all walks of life, giving an equal platform for every student to reach his maximum potential. At Royal, we believe that commitment, dedication and a Royal Heart is the key towards achieving excellence. With over 20 Sports and 35 Clubs & Societies, Royal College produces some of the best talent the nation has seen, and continues to innovate and set the trend for those around. Being the oldest public school in Sri Lanka that is still in existence, the rich history & traditions of Royal College are never forgotten, and show the students the path they need to walk to keep pushing their horizons, making Royal a better and more beautiful place than what is was when it was handed down to them.


A school which began with just 20 students is now a center for primary and secondary education for more than eight thousand students drawn from all over the country making, Royal College a truly national school. It is also significant that its student population consists of all communities and all faiths in the country and thereby is a good example of communal and religious harmony among its students.

Royal College has produced a vast array of persons of eminence in diverse fields of activity from the learned professions to administrators, sportsmen and national leaders both before and after independence. And there are many more Royalists who have in their own way contributed to building the nation.

We all believe that education is the best general investment one could make for the future. The role of education in the development of a country is incomparable. Taking the goals of education into consideration, an institution such as Royal College being a state run school provides commendable opportunities to develop multifaceted skills and talents of its student population. The large sports complex, playing fields, IT laboratories and interactive whiteboard room are a few extraordinary developments. The language training courses, sports practices, IT and aesthetic functions concurrently provide the basis of developing well-rounded future citizens.