Academic Staff

Royal College is known for its high standards in all fields, and a great contributor towards these standards is the Academic Staff. The backbone behind guiding and moulding young Royalists, the academic staff not only provides the students with the best in education, but also support the students in co – curricular and extracurricular activities. Royal College has an academic staff of nearly 350 members, which are spread out over 13 grades and also various administrative positions. The academic staff has the tedious task of providing quality education to over 8000 students, but nevertheless carries out this task tirelessly with utmost commitment with the vision of producing the best students that this country sees.



Royal College has a unmatched resource when it comes to the sector of teachers. With nearly 350 members working day in and day out, students are given the best possible education that they can receive. With such a large staff to work with, the Academic Staff is efficiently divided among all the sections of College, starting from the Principal and moving down from Deputy & Assistant Principals to Sectional & Grade Heads to the individual teachers in charge of classes. The Academic Staff work tirelessly using the best of both conventional teaching and interactive learning processes to bring out the best from their students.