Upper School

The upper school is the heart and soul of the College. The meaning of the school motto “Disce aut Discede” is instilled into the students in order to ensure that they pass out of Royal Collegeas men who have not only learnt of books  but as those who have also learned to play the game.

The upper school consists of grade ten to grade 13 and it is here that the students undergo the two main examinations of their life, the Advanced level and Ordinary level General certificate of education examinations. This section of the school is divided into four distinct streams, the Mathematics stream, the Science Stream, the Commerce Stream and the Arts Stream. The students are given a practical and theoretical knowledge in their chosen stream.

However, the students are also expected to participate in clubs, societies and sports alongside their academic education. The upper school student is awarded a great amount of respect and freedom within school and as such he is tasked with setting an example for younger students to follow.

Leadership skills are honed during the upper school with school spirit and dedication being the tools. The students are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline within and out of school and thereby torealize for themselves as to what defines a true Royalist.

However it must be mentioned that academic education in no way takes a second place to the above. The best teachers from around Sri Lanka are tasked with instructing the students in their chosen fields and in their chosen mediums.

The aim of the upper school is to mould the students into true Royalists when they pass out from the Boake gates.