History and Background

The Agriculture Society of Royal College was commenced seven decades ago in 1942 as a small society called Co-operative Farm Club. Subsequently it was named as the agriculture society. The land occupied by the present tennis court then was selected as its first home garden plot.

In nineteen eighties and nineties the Agriculture Society had been powered and carried by then agriculture master late Mr. Jagathperuma over his shoulders. The editions of “Agro Royal” exhibitions in 1992 and 1996 had been very significant milestones in this lone journey of Mr. Jagathperuma. It’s worth to pay a tribute this great personality who dedicated his life for the development of agriculture in Royal and single handedly build up the society during those early days.

With the construction of the tennis court there, a small plot of land behind Grade 10 Building was used as the home garden. The arrival of Mr. Upali Gunasekara, as the new principal of Royal College, brought a new strength and a new life in the field of agriculture in college. Activities in the agriculture sector gained a new lease of life under his guidance and patronage.


To became the best Green School in Sri Lanka as well as internationally in year 2020 by making the school garden a green garden.


To delight Sri Lankan by enhancing urban agriculture for well being of the mankind through our ancestral agricultural knowledge combined with modern technology.


Chairman – Asela Bandara

Secretary – Asanka Rathnayaka

Treasurer – Thathsara Dilshan