History and Background

The Art Circle of Royal College has been one of the most active societies of Royal College since 1995. It is also one of the largest clubs in the school, with a member base of over 1000 students. This society has always supported in polishing the aesthetic talents of not only Royalists but also of young students from all over the Island. The main duty of those at the Art Circle is to develop the students talents to an extent of being recognized by other people in the society. Also, the circle works to pave a path for those talented students who wish to carry out their skills in the future.

Main Projects

Beyond the Horizon art exhibition, which has been held annually for twelve years at the Colombo Art Gallery, is the clubs main event of the year. The 2007 Beyond the Horizon Art Exhibition held on November 2-3 yielded more than 4000 works of art. 208 schools including those from war torn areas like Jaffna competed excluding Royal College. This year was one of the most successful events of the clubs history. Foreign art enthusiasts who were in attendance were marveled by the genuine creativity of the Sri Lankan Children. The Art Circle also helps to decorate events such as the annual sports meet.

Vision and Mission

The vision of the Art Club is to enrich the students lives, enhance their school experiences and compliment school-based art education. The mission is to provide the members an opportunity to express individuality through the creation of artwork; these being created in unique ways for our community, school and self.


Chairman – Vinura Jayod

Secretary – Kiwimith Ranadheera

Treasurer – Pasan Karunarathna