History and Background

The Royal College Astronomical Society has been a pioneer in promoting Astronomy among youngsters since it was founded in 1967 during the tenure of principal B.G. Premaratne. Since then it has been inspiring many young students to pursue knowledge of Astronomy.The beginning of the society was marked with the four inch reflector telescope received from the optician Eric Rajapaksa; an amateur astronomer, and a council member of the Ceylon Astronomical Association (CAA). With its humble beginning, the Astronomical Society has come a long way; with a current membership of about five hundred students.The Astronomical Society organizes sky observation camps and lectures and workshops conducted by eminent scientists and astronomers annually.


The vision of the society is to take effort to raise its members into a superior level in the Astronomical field and arm them and with the powerful weapon of achievements.


The mission of the society is to bring the whole astronomical community in Sri Lanka together and make them interact with each other. The society has a common dream of promoting astronomy in Sri Lanka and to take it beyond theory, in to practical aspects.


Chairman – Thinal Sumanarathne

Secretary – Yuneth Wijeyanayake

Treasurer – Shamal Colombage