History and Background

As one of the oldest clubs in Royal College, The Buddhist Brotherhood has its beginnings in 1955. Since then, it has carried its duties through the ages to build up unity among students and to develop their spiritual values. This society represents the largest percentage of the students in the school.

The Buddhist brotherhood engages in many activities in order to improve student discipline and general conduct. Every effort is made out to get as many students as possible to participate in events without disturbing their studies. As a religious club, the members organize the pirith ceremony annually. They also design the Vesak post card and hold Vesak competitions which include lantern competitions, class decoration competition etc. The annual Esala sill program, poya dhamma sermons and meditation programs are organized every month in view the full moon Poya day. The society also holds an annual Bhakthi Gee program and annual dalada poojawa.

Vision and Mission

The vision of the brotherhood is to enhance the discipline and general conduct   of its members in order to make them better citizens. They also believe that the students spiritual values plays a major role in the making of their character with regard to discipline.


Chairman – Gagana Jayathilake

Secretary – Sathsara Wanaguru

Treasurer – Mahim Induwara