History and Background

The Chemistry Club of Royal College was established in 2001 as the ‘Chemistry Society’ by Mrs. Annoma Pothupitiya. It was our dream and mission to uplift the standards of the student body of Royal College in the field of chemistry. This was the goal set by our first chairman, Mr. Sajith Pothupitiya, and the first secretary, Mr. Charith Mendis. Though there was a flame of interest and activity in the club during its early days, the passion began to fade as the years rolled by, to a point of inactiveness in 2005. This is the point where our time was grave and no records of the years that passed could be found. In 2007, Mr. Selvaranjan became the teacher in charge and ignited a spark of passion which was a much needed boost for our club. But the lack of a junior committee and a period of inactivity caused our club to yet again fade away into a state of hibernation. Then, in the 15th of July, 2013, new office bearers were appointed and they aimed to bring back the spark that was lost in the past few years of inactiveness.

With the changing of our society into a club, it was not all academic but a place where one can participate in a learning experience and understand the zest of chemistry at its core

As our club motto states “Be the catalyst,” we made it a point to do as much as we can for College and help the students of Royal College to get a better understanding in the field of Chemistry.


Our vision is to be one of the leading academic societies of Royal College.


Our mission is to uplift the standard of chemistry among the students of Royal College and make this knowledge readily available to any who need it.


Chairman – Achinthiya Sriguganesan

Secretary – A.G. Balarathnarajah

Treasurer – G. Viputhesh