History and Background

It is unclear as to when exactly the debaters’ Council of Royal College was established. However, its involvement in the organization of the annual Royal – Thomian Debate, which is held parallel to the Royal – Thomian Big Match gives reasons to assume that the debaters council existed in that time as well and is one of the oldest societies in College.

The Annual Royal Thomian Debate

A debate held in March (usually the day before the big match) to boost the camaraderie and brotherhood between Royal College and St.Thomas’ College. Held alternatively between the two schools, it has the reputation of being one of the oldest debates in the world.


To bring about a generation of intellects who use logic and argumentation to debate out and thereby address the controversial and major issues that face society in a civilized manner, as true gentleman and Royalists and to ensure that the unique ideas that encompass the individual is realized to its full potential by the ability to express it in a logical manner


To ensure that there will be a dedicated group of individuals who are instructed in the stylistic aspects and the proper manner of debating that encompass the art of logic, reason and eloquence in the spoken word. Thereby bringing about prestige to our alma mater, by the display of skill and most importantly in the display of proper manner and quality that makes a Royalist.


Chairman – Mindula Suriyabandara

Secretary – Mithsuka Tillakarathne

Treasurer – Harindu Kirihena