History and Background

The English Drama Society has gained reputation as one of the oldest clubs at Royal. The mission of this club is to promote dramatic works and to further develop the ‘actor’ within the students of Royal College. It has a strong vision which is to instill a sense of responsibility and leadership among its members through drama.

The English Drama Society participates in the All island Shakespeare Drama Competition as well as the Trinity College, London Shakespeare competition annually. The club also organizes an annual public production on a major scale to showcase the acting skills of the students in College and to promote awareness about dramatic work amongst the public as well.

Therefore it is safe to say that the English Drama Society provides a valuable social service to the people. The inter house drama competition organized by the society helps bring out young talent as well as develop the existing acting talents among the student in Royal College. The Shakespeare cast emerging champions at the All-Island English Shakespeare Drama Competition in the year 2013 is the highest achievement gained by the English Drama Society in the recent past.


Chairman – Vinsara Jayalath

Secretary – Madara Thalduwa

Treasurer – Haathim Munas