History and Background

The Media Unit of Royal College was founded in the year 2001 as the Mass Media Unit under the guidance of Mr. J. Patabandi.

Beginning with the longtime staples of school media units’ such as announcing and newsreading, MURC gradually expanded its’ horizons to include new avenues such as Webcasting, Videography, Photography, Web Designing and on occasion, Event Management.

MURC was soon joined by Mrs. B. Shyamalee as the T-I-C.


“To be a professionally administrated unit with guidance providing assistance wherever needed.”


To serve our alma-mater in all its Media oriented needs while simultaneously training our members to be effective and successful media personalities in the future.

Forging new horizons in the fields related to Media within the country.


Chairman Seesara Wickremasinghe
 Secretary Kandula Yatawara
Treasurer Maleesha Madhumewan
Asst. Chairman Kalana Basnayake
Asst. Secretary Amaan Kitchill
Asst. Treasurer Uvindu Gamage
MurcLive Channel Head Damindu Manilediwela
MurcLive Asst. Channel Head Binuka Sanjula
Chief Director Nitharshan Jayasooriya