History and Background

Mother Sri Lanka is a process started under the guidance of his excellency the president of Sri Lanka to inspire positive thinking about the country among all Sri Lankans. At a crucial period of her long history, when committed action for change by individuals can make a difference, the Mother Sri Lanka programme is launched to promote activities for positive change.

A major component of the process is to reach the children and the youth of our country who will be entrusted with the task of taking the country forward.

In order to reach this target various programmes were organized by Mother Sri Lanka Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka. The theme for the school children was “How they can be a part of the country’s development and future”.

This  was a unique initiative which is the first of its kind held in Sri Lanka specially designed to inspire, positive thinking and constructive change in the National interest of school children in Sri Lanka

Mother Sri Lanka society of Royal College was established in 2009 under the programme of constitution Mother Sri Lanka societies of island wide schools. Since 2008 Mother Sri Lanka society of Royal college took part in various valuable projects and was the bonze awarded team on the “Project RUN” island wide competition conducted by Mother Sri Lanka trust in 2013.


To bring together diverse perspective in an inclusive manner with empowerment and development as a goal in the long run. Also to bring up strong individuals and the nation united across disciplinary and practice lines.


Reaching the final destination by improving Responsible citizenship, Unity, National pride among the students of Royal college through variety of workshops, programmes and festivals.


Chairman – Chamath Kandambi

Secretary – Radith Samarakoon

Treasurer – Dinura Avinash