History and Background

The Non addict Movement was established in 2011 under the guidance of Ms.Lanka Ranatunge. Before Non Addict Movement was established Royal College had a dedicated society for prevention and elimination of drugs which was called the Temperance society. As this Society was inactive for a lengthy period of time the Non Addict Movement was established with the idea of bringing a refreshing start to the prevention of drugs. The Non Addict Movement from its creation was awarded ‘C’ grade achieved the grade ‘B’ for its activities for the year 2013.


A  Drug free world


Eradicating drugs from schools by making awareness among students, creating a corporation among youth, uplifting the human morals and guidelines for the betterment of the society.

Club Motto 

‘Eschew addiction towards excelsior’

(Avoid addiction with the aim of achieving superior standards)


Chairman Trevan Rumal
Secretary Kaulya Pathiraja
Treasurer Chamikara Kariyapperuma
Assistant Chairman Nidula Senaratnhe
Assistant Secretary Gagana Jayathilake
Assistant Treasurer Uvindu Wedaarachchi