History and Background

The photography society of Royal College was founded in 1930’s to engage and increase the skill of our talented young photographers in our school and also to promote the art and science of photography. However the Photography society was started in 1954 and held the Sri Lanka’s 1st inter-school photography competition in 1983. We provide photography related services and support for any school events.

Vision and Mission


To conquer the skills of photography.


To teach the students in Royal College about the field of photography,giving them a great opportunity to gain experience in both,practically and theoretically! And aid for those who are willing to go further into the photography field.


Chairman Miran Dabare
Secretary Namal Karunaratne
Treasurer Miyuru Egalahewa
Asst. Chairman Shahir Hanifa
Asst. Secretary Vanuja Herath
Asst. Treasurer Ayeshmantha Lokumudali

Teacher in Charge: Mrs. Tamara Kumarihami
Senior Games Master: Mr. M. T. A. Rauf