History and Background

The Royal College Sinhala oratory and debating society was started as a sub-society of the Sinhala literary association with the motto “preserving and nurturing the lingua pura” under the former principal Mr. Lionel Henry Samson in the year 1934 .It was inaugurated in year 2001 by detaching itself from the sinhala literary association to gather all the young and upcoming debaters in the school to form one student body. The Sinhala Oratory and Debating Society not only been able to draw from the oratory skills of Royal College students but also has contributed immensely to benefit students of debating teams from many schools island wide by organizing various tournaments and workshops .Tharka is the prime project of the society and it is the only national scale debating tournament in the island, which is also the largest project organized by a student body. The debating team of Royal college is a major component of the society as it represent the voice of Royal.


The first official debate of the Royal College Sinhala debating team was held in 1936 with the S. Thomas’ College mount lavinia. The aforesaid debate continued annually throughout the years and soon became a traditional annual encounter between the two schools which soon derived the name “Royal-Thomian annual big debate”. The prime objective of the debate is to enhance the big match fever by creating an oral preplay of the annual battle of the blues. The Royal College Sinhala debating team has been able to expand its monarchy throughout the island, since it was established in 1934, emerging victorious in the majority of the debating tournaments in the island. The Royal debating team has left its golden mark in history through the legendary win of the law faculty debating tournament four times in a row. Along its revolutionary path, it has gifted many great speakers and leaders to the nation such as Mr. Lalith Athulathmudali, Mr. Nandasena Rathnapala ,Mr. Nalin de silva,  Mr. Ashoka Serasingha, Mr. Prasanna De Silva, Mr A. V Suraweera, Mr. Prathiba Mahanama Hewa and the current media minister Mr. Gayantha karunathilaka.


Chairman – Mino Maheesha

Secretary – Pasindu Madhusanka

Treasurer – Ridma Eranga


Debating Team

Kanchana Wijayarathna

Pasan Perera

Charitha Dilshan

Shanka Ananda

Pasindu Madhusanka

Mino Maheesha

Mihisara Frenando


The Sinhala oratory and debating society intend to carry out the biggest debating tournament of the island this year. Which is Tharka all island trilingual national debating tournament.It is also the largest project carried out by any student organization. This mass project will unravel in all three languages to strengthen the ethnic harmony in sri lanka through quality debating.

Samprapthi is another major project organized by the Royal College Sinhala Oratory and debating society which is an allisland junior debating tournament.This project is organized in order to strengthen  the next generation of debaters throughout the island.a junior debating tournament is not organized by any other school in Sri lanka to the day.

Antharaya is another very unique project organized by the RCSODS. We provide an open arena for the staff and the student representatives to discuss and solve the problems that arise inside the school through this project. Throghout the years Antharaya was proved a very effective communication medium between the aforesaid parties.

We organize an annual house debating tournament in order to harness and crown the best debating talent inside the school. The five house teams clash in true debating spirit to emerge as the ultimate champions of the house cup.