History and Background

The Tamil Karnatic Music Society of Royal College have been actively participating in discovering the talents and improving the knowledge of the students both in Royal College and in the island, in Karnatic Music and other related aspects for the past three decades.

This society was established in the year 1980 by Mrs. A. Gopalan with the help of a set of enthusiastic students from the Tamil Section. This is a society which builds knowledge about Karnatic Music amongst the students and also protects the tradition and rituals of Karnatic Music.

The first Chairman of the society was Nadarajah Aravinthan , and the first Secretary was Nadarajah Nandhakumar, representing the board of 1980/1981.

Our aims are involving students into Karnatic Music related activities, and to build up a good image for Karnatic Music in both inside and outside the school.


 “எத்தனையோ கலைகள் உண்டு உலகில்

அத்தனையும் அடங்கும் இசையில்”

“Although there are many art forms discovered worldwide, Music is the only form of art that comprises of everything.”



To improve the knowledge of Karnatic Music among students, and to motivate them to get involved in Karnatic Music.


Cultivating the knowledge of Karnatic Music through organizing competitions and quizzes, and creating the interest towards Karnatic Music through organizing the annual Isai Vizha.


Chairman – S. Shavien Nath

Secretaries – R. Anchuhan and S. Ziyam Santhosh

Joint Treasurers – K. Nilukshan and S. Shaviesh Kanth